A Legacy of Darkness

Apophia's Medical Journal 4

Bigger Bathasar

Since I adopted the late captain's pet dog I have rather thoroughly fallen for him. Being able to return back to the labs and my room and see a jumping dog excited to see me. It's an experience I'd never enjoyed before. In Commouragh I was lucky enough to not be someone's pet or suffer the awkwardness of owning one. But I think I can understand the appeal now. Well as long as it's a pet lacking sentience. Probably explains why I got on so well with the Wytches. But yeah going home to a dog jumping into your arms and just making everything better. Fucking brilliant.

Then I learned of their expected life span 10 YEARS! I'm already in my hundreds! How can I allow something I've become so attached to to die?! It's a betrayal! I couldn't live with myself if I didn't make the upmost effort to save his life. So I began looking into various methods of helping him. One of the quickest was deciding if I wanted him scaled up to my size. Currently he is what I've been told is a hand-bag dog for me when he's meant to be a hunting dog. The most adorable hunting dog ever yes you are!

In the background of the recording a ball can be heard bouncing around the room and frantic excited barking

So I'm putting him on a regimen of growth hormones orally ingested, through his treats which he loves, don't you boy! Alongside this I'm going to have to inject a minor virus to adapt his cells to reduce the level of oxidation in his cells to reduce the aging process. This will be done by the good doctor Catillo as I don't want Balthasar to associate me with needles that are injecting him. 

With Balthasar's feeding schedules in the capable hands of Admiral Salvus and his injections done with I entered my stasis for the next few months. And now that it has passed I can confirm it has been a SUCSESS!!! Balthasar has grown massively and is now at his full size. He's a struggle for me to carry all of his floofy weight. And having checked his cell biology the oxidation process has been slowed to a near infinitesimal level. His lifespan has increased massively.

I wonder if I can look after him post ascension.


Christian1771 Christian1771

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