A Legacy of Darkness

Apophia's Medical Journal 3

Self Improvement

This is possibly the least considered scientific endeavour I have participated in. The conviction of Katarina to subdue and control the human will of Alpha Squad and the bizarre fixation of Gordon to understand everything and anything at least have time, preparation and thought put into it. I am being pressed for time and despite my abundance of material and resource have yet to progress myself towards the goal of returning to my roots. The rebirth of the great Laer.

So with time running out and my hands on the greatest genetic specimens I am aware of in the galaxy (and an unknown which will be used as well) I entered the stasis after injecting myself with the required tailored virus. Leaving an initiate and the Kroot to watch guard as I slumber.

Well the results are in and the alterations have been successful. Despite spending two months unmoving in stasis my muscle mass has increased, I’m faster and more alert than before and most impressively my thought process has improved thanks to the Aeldari thrown in there. But those were entirely to be expected. The unknown was the most bizarre.

I now have… well teeth. I’d say fangs as they are incredibly sharp and viscous but in the context of me being serpentine it gives the wrong impression. These are not snake fangs but those of an overly aggressive squirrel. I shall not inform anyone else of this revelation as it is a tad embarrassing to have just used random genetic sample with no idea what was in there. I’d say in future I’d be more careful but increasingly I fear there will not be a next time, but that belongs in a private log. Not a medical journal

Going through the effects of the specimens for future scientific endeavours:

Ork genetic material increases muscle mass and constitutional resilience. As such I have a greater strength and capacity for physical stress.

The Druchari was a risk. Their genetic variance and well… their time in the webway has had some severe effects on them on the basest of levels. I was concerned my scales would become translucent. For them their skins translucence grants them a more easily overlooked appearance, giving rise to the horror stories of ghosts arriving and claiming the lives of entire cities. For me this would only weaken my natural defences and make me look more weird and possibly scary… I guess? Maybe? But either way it was successful so while the Ork has increased the muscle mass of my body the Druchari has kept it compact and more efficient granting me greater speed and reflexes.

Finally the Aeldari. This was something of an unknown (not as much as the “Mystery Bone”) as it could have granted my the Psyker gene. It didn’t which was a bit of a disappointment but on the other hand I now have a distinctly improved mental acumen and capacity for knowledge. Which would help with future alterations but those won’t be happening.

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