A Legacy of Darkness

Potential weapon designs and modifications

Also Rats

Equipment and materials currently available:
-several pounds of plastic explosives
-multiple crates of las weaponry
-16 skulls
-possible scrap materials or even forge from the Rats' nest

Currently low on materials, weapon forging will be difficult until we make another stop. Time is also a rare commodity as I have been put in charge of overseeing the repair of the ship, which will be difficult with our lack of resources and manpower.

Current ideas for new weaponry:
- Servo skulls capable of setting explosives and other traps
- Self-destructing servo skulls?
-  Heavy las cannons; current materials would make it difficult if not impossible to make anything as impressive a hell hammer but it may be possible to make something similar to an M41 with enough time and effort
- Where are the rats making their weapons and finding materials for them? If we were to find out we may be able to find a large source of metal that can be melted down for our own weaponry
- Can the signals needed to detonate a remote explosive be identified at range? If so it may be possible to create a "universal detonator" of sorts, one that can detonate any explosive in range…

I have also been promised that on our next stop we will be trading for cybernetics, with this the case I have put forward a request for the following:
- A cybernetic arm (right), or the parts required to forge one
- Blade tines to set into the arm, a vibrating set like the current set is mandatory of course but a set of tox and drug dispensers would make both combat and surgeries more efficient
- Machinery required to finish my assimilation alongside measures to prevent depressurization from terminating the subject, should it be necessary
- A mechidendrite for medical procedures, though there are a few design flaws I will have to address before I have it attached:
    - Firstly the blade used for amputating limbs is woefully weak for any emergency situation that requires such a drastic procedure; perhaps the blade should be serrated or perhaps heated to a degree where it can cut through flesh while cauterizing the wound
    -  Secondly I believe it should contain additional storage for the use of multiple drugs (not just morphine and sedatives) and perhaps even tox samples for combat

Will update with more resources and the ship's specs and damage reports when necessary. If I am to live aboard this ship it will have to be combat ready and in one piece.


Christian1771 Nat1

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