A Legacy of Darkness

Further Weapon Designs + Personal Log

New Alliances

Resources remain unchanged with one exception, the sword.

During the battle with the rats something emerged, a red beast posing as a warrior chanting "blood for the blood god!". Its swordsmanship combined with its strength was overwhelming, after doing battle with it I was almost killed in a few moments of combat. Yet during this fight with it I felt a feeling that I had not felt in a long time: excitement. Fighting for my life against a superior foe made my blood boil in a way it had not since long before my veins were cut out.

Despite his assistance, I was more than disappointed when the captain came to distract it so I could make a killing blow. It almost felt like something else was disappointed too. Yet for all this shame I got something truly great from the experience, a sword unlike anything I have seen before: 
The blade itself seems like simple, primitive even, yet from the battle and my near-broken mechadendrite I know it to be as devastating as any power weapon. The hilt seems adorned in markings I have yet to understanding and the pommel seems to almost perfectly balance the blade.

With this newfound weapon we were able to fight back the horde with minimal effort, each attack seemingly more powerful than before. I was then informed that I was almost non-operational and should be seen to by a doctor and more importantly a mechanic. During this shameful retreat I have discovered one downside of the blade, it is near impossible to put down once it has been unsheathed.

Despite this drawback however I imagine it will be very difficult to craft any kind of weapon greater than this specimen I now wield, especially given I have noe Idea how it functions. Despite the fact that it clearly has a power field there is no generator attached, the rust along the blade merely disguises the fact that it is of perfect quality and craftsmanship. Stranger still, the surface of the blade appears to be semi-permeable, when used in battle any blood seems to sink into the blade, turning the metal a deeper shade of red. When in this state I can cut through flesh with even greater ease, yet I cannot fathom the reason as to why.

Whatever may be the reason I will continue my research into the blade and my attempts to find greater resources to create weapons for myself and my allies.

On that subject, after defeating the leader of the "bloody ones" we discovered a room filled with a glowing material that, based on our immediate decline in health, was clearly heavily radioactive. The Elder, Ashhorn, informed us that this is what they used to power their weapons, and while this race seems more primitive than mankind I am willing to be surprised. Not to mention even if their weapons are less impressive than they make out to be the materials themselves seem to be a valuable resource to have. I have since modified my plans for assimilation to also include multiple pieces of lead plating,not so much that it contanimates what remains of my physiology but enough to give some resistance to radiation and allow me to study the materials in depth once integrated.

Potential uses for the material:
-the sheer quantity of it means we may be able to use it for larger weapons, depending on how renewable and long lasting they are we may be able to use them as the power source for a potent ship mounted cannon such as a lance or a fusion beam
-the heavy weapons specialist has expressed a great interest in poisonous weapons in the interest of spreading "filth", if he is willing to allow me to replace key parts of his bolter with lead he may be able to safely use ammunition with flakes of this material, clearly only a trace amount will be necessary given its potency
-excess traces of materials might also be useful in shrapnel grenades, provided they are ste off at a great distance from our allies


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