A Legacy of Darkness

Captain's log 1,575

Ratfolk and Daemons

Into the vents we went, which I shall now refer to as the maw of hell. We strode the brave 5… I'm going to give up on this rhetoric. I don't think I can spin this as a particularly brave endeavour. We marched through the vents and slaughtered our way through a great many frenzied rats before we met AshHorn. A rat capable of speech, cognitive function and most importantly diplomatic negations in the creation of an inter species alliance.

All we had to do was beat his people into submission and back into the reverence for their old gods. It would appear my latest foray into the heretical texts at my disposal failed to enlighten me of these creature’s gods. Although to be fair it also failed to teach me of them.

So now redirected against the “bloodied ones”, we were met with opposition. A horde of the vile vermin charged out at us and we were at risk of being overwhelmed. “Thankfully” a daemon burst out of one of them and scared most of them off.

Katarina charged the daemon in mortal combat and to her credit smashed it harder than it expected her to. Sadly, it was not enough and she was sent reeling back. I honestly thought she was dead but it would appear her augmentations took the brunt of the damage. I ran in to her aid but my assault was parried to the side. This did give her to opening she needed. Katarina decimated it. The creature was pulled from our reality but not before Katarina tore its sword from its hand. I think it’s fair to say she is pleased with her acquisition.

After taking our leave to recover from the horde, we returned. This time the rats fled from the sight of Katarina, still wielding the daemons weapon. She engaged in a duel with some monstrous behemoth. They honestly put on a pretty poor show. Both myself and the leader of the Ratfolk were far from impressed. This trend continued during the fight with the Ratfolk Chief. But once vanquished the representative of AshHorn took control and we took our leave. Not without discovering a repository of radioactive material. Kit will be pleased.

As for myself I retire to my quarters. I have been given a bounty of material to work with and shall be setting myself to work on a masterpiece for the Great Prince Himself.


Christian1771 Christian1771

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