A Legacy of Darkness

A second blessing


The buck shot clattered off Rits surroundings as it flew past him. Rit was unsure if any had hit him but the thought of someone trying to injure him was rather loathsome. He glared round at his would be "killer". "Your mine imperial filth" Rit said inevitably. Rit walked purposely toward his new target as he approached he could help but smile. The man first stumbled and scrambled but it was too late. The chemical flame drowned his from in a foul smog. The man screamed as flesh came from bone the man rived on the floor in his last moment desperate for any kind of escape form his pain. The daemon altered being that was Rit Levic found the mans demise Nourishing. The man screams cut thought the chaos of the fire fight. So horrid where his death throngs where that the rest of his squad ran for their mortal souls leaving behind them the dreadful screams and the sound of laughter that spoke of the promise of it.               

As the warp Rift open Rit felt a surge in power within him. The sound of the flies that nested with in him grew louder. He felt the body twist and buckle as he changed once again into something must worse, much deadlier. Great were nurgles blessing thought Rit as he pressed the detonator for the melta bomb and the daemons before the warp rift vanished. "come froth Brothers we are not allied today" Rit shouted over the auto cannon as he let loose is fury.      

Captain's Log 1,587
Warp Drives and Psyker Sass

We marched on Galts ship. Well snuck on as cogboys. Beep-boop and all that. We got through the ship with a massive amount of firepower and with only a few lies told along the way. The assault on the warp engine went as well as was to be expected. I had never seen a "true" warp engine before. Ours was always wrong and the latest revelation that the damn thing was a daemonic foetus has not enlightened me even slightly as to what the hell is going on.

The techpriests made their efforts to protect the shrine atop the engine but nothing short of divine intervention was stopping us. Katarina tore through them as Hakael unleashed malefic powers against their fortifications. Rit annihilated those that abandoned cover with little issue.

Once they were dealt with we took captives as the compact demanded of us and we returned to Gordon having thoroughly buggered up the engines. As we fell back reality rended and buckled around us. It was truly horrifying. Even by our standards. The screams and howls of torment mixed with the mocking laughter of the now freed daemons. If only I had a canvas. Should’ve sent a poet.

The daemons proved to be powerless against us which really says a lot given that this was meant to be an impossibility for any people let alone a mere five. Once we had gotten through the warp rift we set off for the surface of footfall. A full-blown invasion was in action. It would seem the Mechanicus takes Traitors as well as the rest of the Imperium.

Wanting to avoid the legions of skitarii and Inquisitorial Stormtroops we delved into the underdwellings, ambushing Perrin. His acolytes died with complete ease. But while we should be killing Perrin, I can’t help but notice Katarina frothing at the mouth and getting ready to charge. I think she wants him all to herself.

Weapon Designs + Upgrade Log
Bountiful Materials

Materials Include:
-Several Mechanicum bodies full of cybernetics (many of which were tainted and had to be disposed of)
-Many crates' worth of scrap collected over the past month
-a medical cabinet stuffed full of Warp-Stone
-a Warp Stone generator prototype (unfinished)
-a shock spear
-3 plasma guns
-4 plasma pistols
-multiple crates of las weaponry
-schematics for 'void-resistant' assimilation
-approximately 15 kg of unknown "Warp resistant" alloy
-The Sword

Upcoming Personal Upgrades:
-Array of Cybernetic Organs and senses
-Assimilation including greater physical resistance and depressurization units
-Basic Synthmuscle
-Reinforced Internal Structure (what would have previously been called "skeletal petrification")
-Better legs
-Basic MIU
-Sub-Skin and Cranial armour

Under basic analysis the unknown Alloy is drastically different from common iron or steel. It appears completely unreactive against water, heat and electricity. In addition, under the ERI scanner (Emotional Resonance Imaging; so called due to the supposed makeup of the warp) it demonstrates unreactive properties to warp based phenomena as well, either completely repelling it or drawing it harmlessly into the runes marked into the surface.
With this in mind, it may be possible to craft some kind of defensive gear from this alloy, so long as one is careful not to damage the material or disrupt the runes.

Captain's Log 1,586

Our efforts to prepare ourselves for the coming storm has been to great effect. The others set off to kill some cogboys to give us our disguises but to be honest I've forgotten why it was we needed them. I have gathered evidence of Noctines heresy, which involved manipulating an acolyte of the inquisition. They aren’t as competent as I’d feared. I guess a group of eccentric weirdos was bound to not be a proper military group. Whilst this was going on Havoc has taken over one of Footfalls drug emporiums to our own ends and he along with Bast, Melpomene and some of Rits Nurgalite troops are using the Black Brotherhood Gang to launch an assault on the shield generators.

While this will have less impact on most of the compact it will allow a minor naval maneuverer to obliterate that damnable statue. Also, it should divert the Inquisition forces. The more spread out they are the better.

Whilst handing over the information to the mechanicus I allowed my petty need for recognition to nearly get me killed. I of course had to hand it to them, not simply broadcast it to ensure it was found. So after utterly failing to talk my way out of it I finally pulled out the Inquisitorial Seal and claimed to be Inquisitor Hahtzar Curis Ordo Hereticus. So now Archmagos Petronious – Σ41 wants to meet his Inquisitorial Informant. But hopefully within the next 2 days that will be a loose end permanently burnt off.

A Prayer before the coming strom


Rit Kneeled in his quarters alone 

"Our plan goes well footfall and its inquisition protectors will fall at the hand of our warband."

"With Katarina cometh the boiling rage that will be our steel." 

"With Hakael will come the schemes and unlimited power of the warp made manifest."  

"With our captain will come the sicking horror of his awful corrupting touch. The desecration of his dark pleasures know no bounds."

"With I. I shall Bring the plague. Footfall will find me in that moment of illegal chemical bliss as they celebrate there last shift or a moment with friends. There i will wait and grow strong and as we launch our final plans they will find me in the their blood. As they stare in mirrors as their face eats it self i will be there. They will find me in panicking masses in the over stressed medicae centers. They will find me in the the tears of their loved ones. They will find me in the death of their hope."

"My allies will hurt footfall. But i will destroy its people. I will bring the cruelest despair too the emperors slaves." 


The damnation of his battle prayer rang around the chamber unheard. He knew that wasn't true. Not for a second          

Captain's Log 1,585

This is without a doubt the greatest threat we have ever faced. Not only are we tasked with capturing an inquisitor but he is accompanied by two other inquisitors, an able daemon-slayer, an archmagos of the Mechanicum and my hunter. Clearly not enough of a challenge! Now we have to get some techpriests, open a warp rift, kill my pursuer and I have to do something to the Statue of the Corpse Emperor. Not a challenge at all. 

So the others have been crafting schemes, designs and armaments. I've been reading through the profiles of our targets. Immediately recognizing that this Dhalia and Scythia could not be faced in open conflict, if at all. Not at all was by far and away preferable. Dhalia has maintained purity of soul despite working alongside heretics. I could avoid her inspection and convince her I work for this Drake but Scythia would check the "purity" of my "soul". Recently I came to a revelation that I have innocence somewhere in there but apparently not enough to survive her setting fire to my soul. Not to mention the fact that Dhalia could literally instantly incapacitate Rit just by looking at him.

So we have to get rid of them. It was at this point that Hakael and Rob came forward with an idea to dispose of my pursuer and distract both of the Daemonslayers. Open a warp rift in Captain Galt's engines. Apparently they can do that. I'm now rather glad my engine is a daemon. Oh yes that was also a revelation. My ships warp engine is a time dilating daemon. Food for thought.

I… I don't know anymore. I realise we are the forces of chaos, here to bring order to an end, harass the Imperium and ultimately ascend for our own ends but this seems a tad much, no?

The ticking hasn't stopped


Since sleep now didn't case his every action his time. Rit took too working all through the ships night cycles. It was excellent for it proved to be a boon for his ever expanding armory. One thing concerned Rit the most it was the ticking. Even after his summoning which therefore proved his immorality it would still come to him. It would come like a wind down the dark deserted corridors of the ship. At times it seemed too wrap around him in a kind yet cold embrace. The only thing rit knew was that it would set his teeth on edge. His mind would scabble for purchase as he felt the dread of finality pull on his sanity. What would come if not death? no…. NOT failure he would not fail his new master the lord of the 7 had been there to carry him too empower him when he had been abandoned by the corpse emperor. Rit would work non stop to destroy this foul imperium. He could see their worlds scream in despair as the great unclean ones touched raked the planets surface when he closed his eyes. As rit worked he laughed a low sinister chuckle that spoke of the plague to come. He would not stop. for retribution was his goal and the despair of failure stoked his ambition.                           

Therapy Session Two
New faces - Aha it never happened because I'm Perfect!!

Wrapped in a straightjacket unable to move save for my legs, it was infuriating that all I could feel was trapped. I couldn’t feel or sense the blessing granted by Slaanesh. The caress of skin against my own. The taste of gourmet food and drink. Instead I’m here. In a padded cell. My only method of killing time is to stare at the lights and remember what I was. My gleaming silver hair. Fair skin. Perfect physique. It’s my eyes I miss the most. Penetrating psychedelic purple. I can’t remember their original colour. So long ago now but those were my eyes.

Now I look at the mirror and I see a stranger. He’s got suave brown hair, chiselled chin, a strong build. But I detest it. Sure, I’d sleep with this guy but it’s not me. I feel like a parasite in my own body… well his body. Then I recall why I’m here. Initially I was put up in a good medical bay. But there were too many risks to my safety. Sharp edges and the like. I only tried to carve my body every few hours after the sedatives ran out. Withdrawal from Folsh’t’s… ummm comings and goings is really hitting home. I’ve never craved anything so much in my entire life. The burning sensation as it pours into me. Seeing him lose control in his experience of pure ecstasy. Shame he’s no longer in that form.

Then there’s Bast. My loyalist follower. Killed for being with me at his weakest moment just as an example. He was with me from the start of my rise to prominence and has stood by me all this time. I loved him. And not the usual Slaaneshi blind lustful love, but genuine. After the orgies had ended and the decadent displays, he would wrap me in his arms and hold me as I fell to sleep. He was there at the start of all my days and he was there to crawl into bed with at the end. He was irreplaceable. He is irreplaceable. I’m not sure if I’ll ever feel that simple and pure love again. I’ll have to paint him to keep something of him.

So here I am. In a padded cell, unable to elicit beautiful pain from myself. I have visitors. Gordon and Sorcerers keep coming in to check up on me. They tell me I should be more self-reliant and adapt to like my current image.  Can’t they see it’s wrong?! I’M NOT ME!! They just want me to accept this sub-par version. Thankfully Oriana and Fols’t also visit. Oriana brought him back. Folsh’t is pretty pissed. Between not getting my headless body upon death and his own death he is not pleased. But he seems weaker and quieter. Oriana assures me I’m not mad. I shouldn’t accept this body. And she can fix it…. If she pulls that off I will be forever in her debt. But it’s given me something to work on. I’ve finally been given my tools and Folsh’t back.

I have a new masterpiece to work on. My own perfect form. The Perfect servant to the Prince.

Apparently, art therapy is the only thing that’s working for me. Not entirely surprised it’s the only thing keeping me functionally insane rather than just insane.

Love letters
None of which were sent

-Dear Captian-


-My Captain-


-My Dearest-


Dear Icarus


You may not know me but I have been helping you since

My name is Orianna Helios, well it's not like, my real name -but I think it's nice and I don't know my real-. I have been on this ship for nearly 8 years, but since I fell in love when I first saw you rallying -the troops I Fuck It-


the rest cannot be deciphered beneath the scribbles






Captain Zarath


I am writing to inform you that, since -the mutiny- taking your rightful place as captain a few months ago there have been multiple threats against your life and reputation from members of the crew aboard your ship. In order to tell you the exact details of these threats I -was hoping maybe we get a cup of coffee sometime- I am detailing the exact identities of these mutinous crew members in the letter below. Use this information as you see fit. If you wish for me to take care of it simply do not respond to the letter -and I will slit them from neck to anus and display them so that ALL THE CREW KNOW NOT TO- and I will dispose of them at a later date. If you wish for more information -am I being too formal?- If you wish to -oh fuck it I'll just-


The rest cannot be deciphered as it has been torn apart




-Captain Icar-

-Sir Captain ohmygod that sounds dumb-

-My Liege!-

-My dearest Schnooku-


Zarath Icarus.


You do not know who I am but know that I have been a loyal member of your crew since you established yourself as the captain 1 year ago. I have many talents that up till now I have used for your protection -and I hope you will find use for them in the coming years.- My name is Orianna Helios and I am writing to you to offer my services. I am willing to -do anything you desire- offer assistance in any matters you deem necessary, bearing in mind I am more than capable in infiltration, mediating, negotiating, -kissi oh god why did i write that!- and will do my best efforts doing anything you require of me. -I have also spent the last year practicing magi- I hope you will -accept me into our life- consider me when you next need assistance, protection, -a friend- —a companion— Ugh why am i doing this!


the rest cannot be deciphered as it is currently on fire

Captain's log 1,584
The Good Shit

Our stand against the xenos failed spectacularly. Curiosity clearly got the better of Oriana as she opened a box covered in choas markings which specifically said don’t open. You know it’s bad when chaos says this is a bad idea. Bast began screaming in agony as his legs were fusing together into some horrible tail. Eventually it began to look serpentine, so that’s fine I guess? Although he was very much out of the fight. 

Speaking of the fight. While I was a decent immediate discraction as the eldar have a great hatred for Slaanesh and I couldn’t really make it more obvious that I am a disciple of the Prince of Pleasure. So naturally I was their first target, dodging deftly and he was clearly wounded as a result of the psykic cage thing Hakael had unleashed. But the xenos had also noticed this as he was the next target. He lasted 12 seconds all told… Then the floodgates were opened. Two more of the jesters launched their attacks and the xeno witch simply made Lockhart… stop… and wait patiently for death. I can only hope she was unaware of her surroundings.

It then became a deadlock of attacks and dodges with the exception of the two heavy gunners who just kept shooting each other ignoring everything else going on. I knew I liked Rit. But things were looking dire and I made a decision, I had a combat drug at the ready but was incredibly uncertain as to what it did. So one injection later and I was flying. My heart rate exploded senses, frantic, movements rapid and stronger than I’m usually capable of and system ready for anything. Anything except my own deviancy. It would appear it also lowered my inhibitions enough that I was either considering my next move in combat which took mere milliseconds and all other time on what was nearby with an orifice and a heartbeat.

Firstly there’s Bast, a classic and now with an interesting snake tail. What could he do with that once he stopped screaming? Or maybe while he screamed, I’m usually the noisy one it’s a change from the norm. Then my attention turned to the Death Jester, his clothes burning away to a surprisingly robust physique. Although he too was to fall to Rit’s toxic weaponry. Why does everyone I want to love die?! Speaking of Rit’s dead but then look at this trope master. That is a winning smile if ever I saw one. Managed to scare him enough that he lost it for a while. I’ll show him infinitely scarier things if I could, I even offered to work with him. It just required a quickie. Although I’d have wanted to keep him.

But once again this was a short lived desire as he shot me the bastard, after I’d been so nice! Although again mere seconds later he too died. The threat of the Eldar replaced with the threat of the daemonic Eldar walkers. Which were distinctly unfuckable. So I had to engage in laborious conversation along with Oriana to buy time but why was I wasting my buzz on this. I didn’t want to hear it’s voice better. I wanted to feel everything better. That Jester, the Trope member who is… wait he’s just unconscious. I’ll be having him later. Wait it can’t kill Bast! Fuck this automaton, only I get to hurt my harem. Fuck it if it thinks I’ll not just be a spiteful shit it’s got another thing. Oh Oriana is gone. Who turned out the lights?


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