The perfect diet


To a non-Kroot she doesn’t look very different from another, her only defining features being purple and gold marks decorating her beak and hair when she chooses to. To other Kroot however she is clearly out of the ordinary, with skin more smooth and malleable than the norm and eyes that belay a truly disturbing desire.


Tor’v’qan isn’t quite sure when it happened, but she has changed dramatically since she struck out on her own.

Usually Kroot avoid corrupt creatures, as eating them is harmful for both your body and soul. Yet, whether it was a mistake or an trap, Tor’ was given tainted food. This had an… unusual effect.

Tor’ felt stronger than before, much more quickly than she should too, the Kroot’s ability to assimilate what they eat is a gradual evolution not….this. She became curious, perhaps there’s something to these gods after all, these beings of corruption, this “chaos” as those odd xenos call it. She had an idea, following the trails of this corrupt being, she eventually found its lair. Then, carefully dismantling its pack one by one, she then feasted upon it’s leader. She felt like someone was pleased as she did so, she realised these cultists she had just slaughtered probably had the right idea.

Then, as she felt her strength increasing once more, she had a thought. If she could become a melting pot of any and all creatures best aspects, what is the limit? What is he greatest potential? How powerful could she truly become?

But before she could consider this further she realised, she could hardly do this on her lonesome. Let’s face it, even with this group she got lucky, if she’s to become a perfect being she would need allies. Yet how would she find any? The other Kroot wouldn’t understand and even if Tor’ could convince them it would inevitably lead to competition. She would need to explore and find some like minded people.

She would eventually find an opportunity she couldn’t refuse however. After an extensive job that took her across the galaxy with no sign of companionship, Tor’ came across a man by the name of Zarath Icarus, a Captain no doubt who clearly wanted everyone to know it. The man had abandoned his drink backing away from a bar patron he clearly felt intimidated by, pushing the tallest person around in front of him and offering money and job should they protect him, that tall person being a very corrupt Kroot.

And how could she say no? Being the bodyguard of a pirate as they travelled across the stars and made powerful enemies, only with an entire crew to back them up, it was exactly what she wanted.


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