Descendant of the Laer


A large red scaled Sslyth, clad in Drukhri Armour crafted just for him. While he is particularly small for his species he’s learnt to not let people in on that secret (Unless he’s threatening that his family will rescue him). Attached to his armour is a grotesque looking rifle. 4 pistols and 4 venomous looking blades slathered in a revolting viscous fluid. But his favourite piece of his equipment is his medical equipment. A decorated medic he’s able to patch up even the most grievous of wounds. Just don’t ask what all the syringes, test tubes, scalpels and other unnecessary pieces are for… or covered in…


Raised from birth by his family of fellow sslyth it was clear he wasn’t as strong as his siblings. But what he lacked in insurmountable strength and unyielding constitution he made up for in his cunning and intelligence (admittedly lacking some common sense and sanity). When he went out to become a mercenary to the Drukhari asw his father and mother and their parents and their parents and their parents before him he discovered he was quite popular. The Drukhari have a crippling fear of death but a thirst for bloodshed and death unlike any other species in the galaxy. This means they have to have the best medical staff at hand at all times. Normally this means they need a coven of Haemonculi accompanying any expedition. These are above the petty politics of the Cabals but have their own intrigues and plots as all of they species do. And there is little to fear more than a Haemonculi who is bored and has been brought a “patient” for “medical” treatment.

As a viable alternative to the Haemonculi covens Apophia became an incredibly skilled battlefield medic, surgeon and having been brought ample enemy combatants for study an accomplished biologus. Quickly becoming a prominent member of the Kabal of the Dying Sun, admittedly only because he thought the colour scheme suited him better than the others. He was also given an offer from the Kabal of the Black Heart but knew that would be a guaranteed death sentence. He was bound to accidently insult Vect.

Having personally brought the Archon and his court back from death each on several occasions he was doing pretty damn well. But all things come to an end. The Kabal over extended itself and they faced the wrath of the Imperium of man. After getting away with planet wide genocides for a few years the fleets of the Imperium finally mobilised. Even a Kabal as powerful as theirs was broken. The remnants of it’s fleets fleeing to the webway the power of the Kabal shattered, it’s members seeking service in other Kabals. Most were absorbed into the Black Heart.

Apophia joined the Kabal of the Poisoned Tongue completely oblivious of their methods. Actively betraying allies but being so polite about it even their fellow Drukhari fail to keep up. He didn’t have a chance. He enjoyed serving the upper echelons of the Kabal as a large Trueborn presence meant they were all scared of death and what the Haemonculi would do if they went to them. But despite his usefulness as medic they pushed their luck and made him an enforcer as well. While on a slave raid he was confronted by another Kabals enforcer. A fellow sslyth. Not only that but one he recognized. His brother. They hadn’t spoken since he’d left with the Dying Suns. His brother towered over him, a true warrier caste while if anything Apophia was bred of scientist caste somehow… upon reflection his mum must have had an affair…

But his brother claimed this raid was in the name of Vect and the Black Heart. While the other Drukhari were immediately resigning themselves to this becoming another one of Vect’s takeovers, Apophia had a job to do. He challenged his brother to a dual. After taking five minutes in preparation while his brother worked the crowd into a blood frenzy they clashed. His brother parrying his assaults with ease and landing a few blows. As the venom of the blades seeped into Apophia’s bloodstream his vision began to fade in and out. He dropped a blade and beat his fist against his chest. The crowd laughing at the poor intimidation test didn’t notice clarity return to his vision as the Adrenalight, Serpentin, Spur, Grave Lotus and Hypex he’d hidden in his armour took effect.

His memory ended at this point but he woke up which showed he’d won the dual. A fellow raid leader had taken a video of the dual to show the Archon (he admitted he expected he’d need proof as to why it wasn’t their raid). After the stimulants took effect he for lack of a better word transformed. He muscles bulged as his armour burst off, he began to twitch and charged unarmed and unarmoured at his brother. Now equal in stature. In impossibly swift movements he disarmed his brother and they began a strange dance almost as both tried to move into a position to constrict the other. While impossible it would effectively stop the opponent fighting back. Eventually winning the battle to grapple the other, Apophia reached for a discarded blade and began tearing his brother apart.

He let out a screech and the Black Heart Kabal all shrinked away from the Monstrous Serpent. Who then collapsed of both exhaustion and a severe drug overdose. While amply rewarded by Lady Aurelia Malys their Archon the celebrations were cut short by a messenger bringing news that the Black Heart had sent an ultimatum, Apophia joined them or left Commouragh. Taking his belongings, his reward money and a pretty sizeable nest egg he fled the Dark Port.

After years of being a mercenary he found himself at a lost Imperial Naval Base. Looking through the jobs for something interesting. He had no need for money. But did need knowledge. After his battle against his brother he despised what his species had become. Bloodthirsty monsters used as others puppets. He’d studied their glorious past and swore to return if not his species then himself to their past. A perfect species genetically perfected at every stage of development. Only brought low by the Emperor’s Children and legion after legion of the Imperial Army. And who won in the end, the Imperium or their dark master who claimed the entire chapter in the end?

So he waited for a job that would bring him closer to their lost homeworld or anything that could bring him genetic material to toy with. Eventually he was asked by nothing less than a wraith-seer. An Aeldari construct of ancient and he though lost origin and yet one stood before speaking to him. But he could sense something wrong with it. It was not Eldar nor for that matter pure. It exuded the presence of the Perfect One. He accepted the job, this was his chance. Their God had sent a messenger. He answered the call. A shame he was to be abandoned to take on a fallen angel of the Imperium. That being said… Who knows what he could use with that gene-seed?


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