A Legacy of Darkness

Captain's log 1,577
Port Wonder, let's focus on that

Further into this damnable nest of debauchery and sickening depravity. I never thought I’d write these words but fucking rats proved me wrong. Moving on from the sycophant now tied up to wait like the dog it would be but no it’s another FUCKING RAT! We rediscovered the prison cell and its new inhabitants. Abominations the likes of which I have never seen. Those strange stones embedded in the poor creatures, their pain great enough that I granted one death much to its delight.

Then we met the “designer” of these monsters. Keller leapt forward with the scream, “I need your mind!” This had the expected effect as it too screamed and fled, leaving it’s soon to be deceased guards in our very murderous hands. Hunting the madrat down we found it hiding under its bed squealing for us not to kill it. Rit and I scared and commanded it to follow Keller respectively. He seems to be pleased to have a new test partner. I’m still not completely convinced he’s not a daemon.

Then we went in to deal with the “Queen” we split up and made an assault from multiple angles. Ranged support from above while Keller, Katarina and I charged in the front. I was about to make my proclamation of conquest over her supplicants and her territory. Although it was somewhat ignored as a result of Katarina charging and for lack of a better phrase, destroying her minions.

While we made our attacks without a doubt, it was Katarina and Rit that truly did the work. Rit very much finishing the assault with his toxic rounds blowing her apart. Then Ashorn got to work to control the chaos. I inspected the area to be sure that there was no artefact in the vicinity. They fell hard to Slaanesh. Best to be sure only I have this level of… commitment.


 We finally returned from the Immaterium at Port Wonder. 3 weeks before we left. Slaanesh I love this ship. Also with Rob getting to work on the engines, who knows we might one day be able to tame her. Although our return to reality came two fold as I was reminded that we are utterly destitute. Thankfully my charm saw us through but now we must make sizeable profit while here as well as repairing the ship, taking on supplies and committing a great piece of art in the name of Slaanesh. I think I’ll head to the church at some point. Always good to uproot that institution when given the chance.

At the bar Rit guided me to I happened across a future enemy, that damnable captain Elias Galt. This must be him from two weeks ago, prior to his threatening of my life. I’ve despatched Katarina and Hakael to well despatch him. Until next time, I’ll be making inroads with these blind insufferable sycophants to a corpse. Rich sycophants admittedly.

Thoughts on the Crew

After landing Temple took a work, he'd keep an eye out for anything herretical he could learn from but this would also give him time to think.

Hakeal. He was a good follower of Tzeentch and would make a good ally in the future. The fact that he tried convince me to learn from what was a powerful and dangerous man was curious. Hakeal is a better psyker than I and clearly new how powerful the Rat was when he gave the advice. A good follower indeed but that just makes him all the more dangerous, but plan he proposed was very good though, he will make a good ally.

Katarina. She really is a follower of Khorn in every sense. Her rage is limitless and she is ready to fight at a moments notice. Its clear she does not like me in any way, possibly due to me also being tech savvy and her possibly feeling I encroach on her territory. I have tried to show her that I am useful and would make a good friend, she would make a good weapon if I can learn how to direct her anger.

Rit. Rit is disgusting. He seems almost as Khorny as Katarina, given his lust for killing. He will be the hardest to get along with and convince to follow my plans, he seems to have an inherrant hatred for all things Tzeentch. I am trying to convince him that we could help eachother but I doubt he'll fall for that lie. If I can't find a way to use him I'll just have to ensure he doesn't interfere too much.

Zarath. Poor poor Zarath. He follows Slaanesh and so should be my closest ally (any follower of Tzeentch shouldn't rely too much on a fellow brother). He needs someone to help him, someone who can show him how to worship while also getting your own way. A large cult of his God was aboard his ship and he destroyed it. None of the others cared that he was killing is brothers and I do not think he realised how he could have used the situation. It is likely he will need a friend and advisor, I can not think of a better mutual friendship than one with the captain. I will let him know of my thoughts on how the situation could have better been dealt with.

Dr Steele's Requisition List

Items previously promised:
-A Best Craftsmanship cybernetic arm or the parts required to make one
-Best Craftsmanship Blade-Tines
-Parts necessary to finalise my assimilation (including specified instructions on parts made of lead and parts to negate the threat of depressurisation)
-Medical Mechadendrite

Additional items that would be beneficial in repairing, maintaining and improving the ship:
-A MIU cybernetic
-An Interface Port cybernetic
-A Servo Arm
-Scrap hull and used parts from ship mounted weapons (see me for details regarding the rat's fuel source)

Additional items that would be personally beneficial:
-Flesh Replenishment cybernetic
-Internal Reservoir
-Skeletal Petrification
-Cybernetic senses to replace the default biological method of sight
-A circular saw blade
-Any armour of better quality than light carapace (power armour would be exceptional but getting a set is most unlikely)

Personal Log 2
The worst rats

We have taken care of the "pretty ones", I don't think I've ever had a more unpleasant experience in my existence. After getting past the first…. obstacle two of the others began to mention entities that these rats worship, four factions of rats, four supposed gods. They have mentioned the names of two of these, Corn (uncertain of spelling) and Slinesh (Also uncertain of spelling). Slenesh (?) is the entity that the "pretty ones" worship, which they do so by… fornicating non stop, not even las-fire or the death of their partner stops them. It is also noteworthy that the captain of this ship also  worships this entity which explains a lot about this ship and its crew.

The entity known as Korn (?) is the being that the bloody ones worshipped. The new Tech-Priest believes that I am a worshipper of this entity as well, supposedly it is a being of bloodshed and violence. More noteworthy than this, apparently my blade is also associated with this entity, and while I usually have no interest in the thoughts of a madman and professional rival, I have nonetheless agreed to fashion a servo-skull in return for information of this blade, he is capable of "magic" after all.

The excursion into the madness of lust and bodily fluids did give one thing of great value however, the warp-stones, a cabinet of it to be exact, as well as the opportunity to use a weapon with it as its fuel source. It seems to be able to create a flame which inflicts more than mere radiation, it seems to decompose the flesh of that it burns, as if it were entropy made manifest. If I can experiment with this fuel safely I believe I could do more than what I planned previously.

Speaking of, the Captain has asked me to ask what materials and equipment I need from the trade world we have visited, I will have to finish that in a separate log. More importantly as we approached the world in question I was informed of something else regarding this ship: apparently every time we warp jump the ship, for lack of a better description, travels through time. Once we undock I will have to ask to see the engine and gellar field.

Journal entry. Session 5
Oh By the eye!


An interesting day indeed

We have manged too kill another of the rat leaders this time a giant rat queen. Like most of the things we saw on the trip she was also repulsive. Ratmen seemed too pour out of her in a non stop steam too refill there already busting.

As the rest of the team attacked at ground level I and my floating comrade took too the gantries overlooking the beast. Before the ground team charged I threw a grenade to clear out the verminous guard before her. Dr Steele Charged with a fury i have rarely seen diving into the swarm reeking havoc. The Capitan played his demented instrument its sound warping reality with its insane racket. I had to dive for cover as the strange volumes obliterated some decking near me. As i got up i found that the ratmen still fought hard to defend there queen i judged another grenade would break their attack. The pack scattered in the wake of the grenade and doctor Steele charged and pounced upon the rancid rat queen. I took aim and unleashed hell upon the foul matriarch my bolt rounds hit home spreading their toxic payload. With the choking sounds of decay the rat queen toppled leaking green fuilds.

A sound filled the chamber as a low wet cackling as Rit finished his journal entry. With his own laughter drowned out by the sound of ticking he fantasied of a galaxy without the imperium and how he would be its downfall.                       


Captain's log 1,576
This is not Slaaneshi

Back into the vents we go, truly this is turning into more of a nightmare than I had anticipated. We spoke with Ashorn once again and got the same warning but most importantly the directions. What we found was what I'd hoped against. An entire corridor of rats… fucking. Constantly. Uncontrollably. Unceasingly… the floor was sticky. I recoiled in disgust and hopped into Bast’s arms. He always reminds me why I love him so.

They attempted to assault us and would have succeeded but the psykers proved their worth. Further in we found some starving to death rather than approaching the food being consumed by the gluttonous. The greedy had gotten themselves killed fighting over a massive pile of gold. Then the swordmasters, this is getting more and more like that damnable book by the mad friar who visited the prince’s great gardens.

This has to be what happens when the lesser swine get the blessing of the Prince. They do not understand. They do not know what to do with this gift and they are wasting it. I’m noticing the stares from the others. I am not this. Bast is not this. We are better. We are superior. And we will be perfect.

An unpleasant journey. session 4
Difficult terrain


The rats where every where crawling all over each other doing……things. Rit couldn't help but feel very uncomfortable as he made his though the prone figures the floor being sticky and sometimes slippy. With his teeth gritted Rit pushed him self on thinking of the prize that would be his if he got though this new challenge. This "warp stone" represented his vengeance upon the imperium he would unleash it on the corpse emperor and his slaves. They would share his suffering. A deep wet chuckle escaped Rit it sounded haunting with the recent change too his voice, The stranger would be pleased.

The rat began to stir one rising near Rit , Rit raised his bolter quickly and missed. The combat ended quickly as the rats retreated after Rit and his "comrades" dispatched serval with great ease. The Rats on the floor didn't react too the noise which was disturbing to say the least they where too busy.

As Rit walked the vent system the ticking that forever ghosted the edge of his hearing grew quieter. Rit took this as sign that there prey was close and with it his vindication.  



A New Job

The ritual was… a success? It seems some rat-folk were practicing some kind of ritual too, a summoning that brought him here. Highly unusual. It seems the path to his true purpose is on a ship full of heretics in the warp. Excellent.

At first Temple couldn't believe what he was seeing. The 4 most prominent members of this ship seemed to represent chaos undivided. He'd once read that the Chaos Gods would unite and overthrow the Imperium of Man. Could this be it? Once he got to know these 4 it seemed unlikely, but Temple hadn't gotten to where he is by judging people based on their appearances, actions or personalities.

Then it came to him. A reason he could be here. If these people could be the ones to defeat the imperium, they would take a player out of the great game. This would be unacceptable. He'd have to stay with them for now, to keep the game playing and make sure there are no real winners.

Vent adventure .Session 3


As rit returned from his vent adventure he was very pleased. After meeting the strange horned grey rat they had discussed a very good opportunity to get a substance called "warp Stone". It would bring much glory to poison the imperium. Rit Sniggered a wet throaty laugh as he thought of the awful chaos he could cause with such things. He hoped the stranger was watching he would be pleased. But first the deal would have to be completed. The deal would be too kill the other rat leaders so that the grey rat could rise in power. Seems good to me thought Rit.

Katarina showed great prowess fighting off a hell beast. He would have to keep on her good side especially now that she had taken its weapon. The weapon was strangely haunting it clearly had a terrible power. 

Rit thought of the future where though plague and hell blade the imperium.

Wet laughter filled his chambers as he thought of his coming vengeance. 



Further Weapon Designs + Personal Log
New Alliances

Resources remain unchanged with one exception, the sword.

During the battle with the rats something emerged, a red beast posing as a warrior chanting "blood for the blood god!". Its swordsmanship combined with its strength was overwhelming, after doing battle with it I was almost killed in a few moments of combat. Yet during this fight with it I felt a feeling that I had not felt in a long time: excitement. Fighting for my life against a superior foe made my blood boil in a way it had not since long before my veins were cut out.

Despite his assistance, I was more than disappointed when the captain came to distract it so I could make a killing blow. It almost felt like something else was disappointed too. Yet for all this shame I got something truly great from the experience, a sword unlike anything I have seen before: 
The blade itself seems like simple, primitive even, yet from the battle and my near-broken mechadendrite I know it to be as devastating as any power weapon. The hilt seems adorned in markings I have yet to understanding and the pommel seems to almost perfectly balance the blade.

With this newfound weapon we were able to fight back the horde with minimal effort, each attack seemingly more powerful than before. I was then informed that I was almost non-operational and should be seen to by a doctor and more importantly a mechanic. During this shameful retreat I have discovered one downside of the blade, it is near impossible to put down once it has been unsheathed.

Despite this drawback however I imagine it will be very difficult to craft any kind of weapon greater than this specimen I now wield, especially given I have noe Idea how it functions. Despite the fact that it clearly has a power field there is no generator attached, the rust along the blade merely disguises the fact that it is of perfect quality and craftsmanship. Stranger still, the surface of the blade appears to be semi-permeable, when used in battle any blood seems to sink into the blade, turning the metal a deeper shade of red. When in this state I can cut through flesh with even greater ease, yet I cannot fathom the reason as to why.

Whatever may be the reason I will continue my research into the blade and my attempts to find greater resources to create weapons for myself and my allies.

On that subject, after defeating the leader of the "bloody ones" we discovered a room filled with a glowing material that, based on our immediate decline in health, was clearly heavily radioactive. The Elder, Ashhorn, informed us that this is what they used to power their weapons, and while this race seems more primitive than mankind I am willing to be surprised. Not to mention even if their weapons are less impressive than they make out to be the materials themselves seem to be a valuable resource to have. I have since modified my plans for assimilation to also include multiple pieces of lead plating,not so much that it contanimates what remains of my physiology but enough to give some resistance to radiation and allow me to study the materials in depth once integrated.

Potential uses for the material:
-the sheer quantity of it means we may be able to use it for larger weapons, depending on how renewable and long lasting they are we may be able to use them as the power source for a potent ship mounted cannon such as a lance or a fusion beam
-the heavy weapons specialist has expressed a great interest in poisonous weapons in the interest of spreading "filth", if he is willing to allow me to replace key parts of his bolter with lead he may be able to safely use ammunition with flakes of this material, clearly only a trace amount will be necessary given its potency
-excess traces of materials might also be useful in shrapnel grenades, provided they are ste off at a great distance from our allies


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