A Legacy of Darkness

Therapy Session Two
New faces

Wrapped in a straightjacket unable to move save for my legs, it was infuriating that all I could feel was trapped. I couldn’t feel or sense the blessing granted by Slaanesh. The caress of skin against my own. The taste of gourmet food and drink. Instead I’m here. In a padded cell. My only method of killing time is to stare at the lights and remember what I was. My gleaming silver hair. Fair skin. Perfect physique. It’s my eyes I miss the most. Penetrating psychedelic purple. I can’t remember their original colour. So long ago now but those were my eyes.

Now I look at the mirror and I see a stranger. He’s got suave brown hair, chiselled chin, a strong build. But I detest it. Sure, I’d sleep with this guy but it’s not me. I feel like a parasite in my own body… well his body. Then I recall why I’m here. Initially I was put up in a good medical bay. But there were too many risks to my safety. Sharp edges and the like. I only tried to carve my body every few hours after the sedatives ran out. Withdrawal from Folsh’t’s… ummm comings and goings is really hitting home. I’ve never craved anything so much in my entire life. The burning sensation as it pours into me. Seeing him lose control in his experience of pure ecstasy. Shame he’s no longer in that form.

Then there’s Bast. My loyalist follower. Killed for being with me at his weakest moment just as an example. He was with me from the start of my rise to prominence and has stood by me all this time. I loved him. And not the usual Slaaneshi blind lustful love, but genuine. After the orgies had ended and the decadent displays, he would wrap me in his arms and hold me as I fell to sleep. He was there at the start of all my days and he was there to crawl into bed with at the end. He was irreplaceable. He is irreplaceable. I’m not sure if I’ll ever feel that simple and pure love again. I’ll have to paint him to keep something of him.

So here I am. In a padded cell, unable to elicit beautiful pain from myself. I have visitors. Gordon and Sorcerers keep coming in to check up on me. They tell me I should be more self-reliant and adapt to like my current image.  Can’t they see it’s wrong?! I’M NOT ME!! They just want me to accept this sub-par version. Thankfully Oriana and Fols’t also visit. Oriana brought him back. Folsh’t is pretty pissed. Between not getting my headless body upon death and his own death he is not pleased. But he seems weaker and quieter. Oriana assures me I’m not mad. I shouldn’t accept this body. And she can fix it…. If she pulls that off I will be forever in her debt. But it’s given me something to work on. I’ve finally been given my tools and Folsh’t back.

I have a new masterpiece to work on. My own perfect form. The Perfect servant to the Prince.

Apparently, art therapy is the only thing that’s working for me. Not entirely surprised it’s the only thing keeping me functionally insane rather than just insane.

Love letters
None of which were sent

-Dear Captian-


-My Captain-


-My Dearest-


Dear Icarus


You may not know me but I have been helping you since

My name is Orianna Helios, well it's not like, my real name -but I think it's nice and I don't know my real-. I have been on this ship for nearly 8 years, but since I fell in love when I first saw you rallying -the troops I Fuck It-


the rest cannot be deciphered beneath the scribbles






Captain Zarath


I am writing to inform you that, since -the mutiny- taking your rightful place as captain a few months ago there have been multiple threats against your life and reputation from members of the crew aboard your ship. In order to tell you the exact details of these threats I -was hoping maybe we get a cup of coffee sometime- I am detailing the exact identities of these mutinous crew members in the letter below. Use this information as you see fit. If you wish for me to take care of it simply do not respond to the letter -and I will slit them from neck to anus and display them so that ALL THE CREW KNOW NOT TO- and I will dispose of them at a later date. If you wish for more information -am I being too formal?- If you wish to -oh fuck it I'll just-


The rest cannot be deciphered as it has been torn apart




-Captain Icar-

-Sir Captain ohmygod that sounds dumb-

-My Liege!-

-My dearest Schnooku-


Zarath Icarus.


You do not know who I am but know that I have been a loyal member of your crew since you established yourself as the captain 1 year ago. I have many talents that up till now I have used for your protection -and I hope you will find use for them in the coming years.- My name is Orianna Helios and I am writing to you to offer my services. I am willing to -do anything you desire- offer assistance in any matters you deem necessary, bearing in mind I am more than capable in infiltration, mediating, negotiating, -kissi oh god why did i write that!- and will do my best efforts doing anything you require of me. -I have also spent the last year practicing magi- I hope you will -accept me into our life- consider me when you next need assistance, protection, -a friend- —a companion— Ugh why am i doing this!


the rest cannot be deciphered as it is currently on fire

Captain's log 1,584
The Good Shit

Our stand against the xenos failed spectacularly. Curiosity clearly got the better of Oriana as she opened a box covered in choas markings which specifically said don’t open. You know it’s bad when chaos says this is a bad idea. Bast began screaming in agony as his legs were fusing together into some horrible tail. Eventually it began to look serpentine, so that’s fine I guess? Although he was very much out of the fight. 

Speaking of the fight. While I was a decent immediate discraction as the eldar have a great hatred for Slaanesh and I couldn’t really make it more obvious that I am a disciple of the Prince of Pleasure. So naturally I was their first target, dodging deftly and he was clearly wounded as a result of the psykic cage thing Hakael had unleashed. But the xenos had also noticed this as he was the next target. He lasted 12 seconds all told… Then the floodgates were opened. Two more of the jesters launched their attacks and the xeno witch simply made Lockhart… stop… and wait patiently for death. I can only hope she was unaware of her surroundings.

It then became a deadlock of attacks and dodges with the exception of the two heavy gunners who just kept shooting each other ignoring everything else going on. I knew I liked Rit. But things were looking dire and I made a decision, I had a combat drug at the ready but was incredibly uncertain as to what it did. So one injection later and I was flying. My heart rate exploded senses, frantic, movements rapid and stronger than I’m usually capable of and system ready for anything. Anything except my own deviancy. It would appear it also lowered my inhibitions enough that I was either considering my next move in combat which took mere milliseconds and all other time on what was nearby with an orifice and a heartbeat.

Firstly there’s Bast, a classic and now with an interesting snake tail. What could he do with that once he stopped screaming? Or maybe while he screamed, I’m usually the noisy one it’s a change from the norm. Then my attention turned to the Death Jester, his clothes burning away to a surprisingly robust physique. Although he too was to fall to Rit’s toxic weaponry. Why does everyone I want to love die?! Speaking of Rit’s dead but then look at this trope master. That is a winning smile if ever I saw one. Managed to scare him enough that he lost it for a while. I’ll show him infinitely scarier things if I could, I even offered to work with him. It just required a quickie. Although I’d have wanted to keep him.

But once again this was a short lived desire as he shot me the bastard, after I’d been so nice! Although again mere seconds later he too died. The threat of the Eldar replaced with the threat of the daemonic Eldar walkers. Which were distinctly unfuckable. So I had to engage in laborious conversation along with Oriana to buy time but why was I wasting my buzz on this. I didn’t want to hear it’s voice better. I wanted to feel everything better. That Jester, the Trope member who is… wait he’s just unconscious. I’ll be having him later. Wait it can’t kill Bast! Fuck this automaton, only I get to hurt my harem. Fuck it if it thinks I’ll not just be a spiteful shit it’s got another thing. Oh Oriana is gone. Who turned out the lights?

Captain's log 1,583
Xenos and Daemonic Xenos

Footfall is an interesting place. Founded by a fanatic and claimed by piracy. Those loyal to the corpse are devoted to the point that I am somewhat worried about them, if they can divine my dark presence from cards I don’t want to risk them having something tangible or useful. So avoiding the Emperor bible bashers (where did that saying ever come from) I set off to find drugs galore. We’d been running low and there’s only such much sobriety the crew can take. Although when there I came across some new finds. Namely on that grants visions, another battle stimulant and the usual cornucopia of narcotics to keep me unaware of just how dire the situation is. The ship is better than ever but the threat we face greater than I’d ever imagined. Serving a Slaaneshi Pseudo-Greater-Daemon is apparently a bad thing, although by the sounds of it, the creature serves itself first and barely Slaanesh.

But my exploration of the drug markets was cut short as we do have a job to do. An artefact of great significance to the Astral Devourer was located in this system. Both myself and Lockheart were invited to a party of some description held by the xenos cult of all things. Why would anyone worship xenos themselves? A xeno God maybe but not just an alien. Was that not what united humanity all those millennia ago? Xenophobia, such as simple concept and it built a star spanning Empire. That collapsed under it’s own ignorance and denial.

So arriving at the party we took it in, Lockhart and I went about finding out what was going on. What a loss she is to Khorne, such fire and passion. Seething hatred. If she wasn’t half melted I’d want to feel that passion again. Rit better be appreciating what I gave him. Eventually the party came to a peak as something was to be introduced. Probably the weirdo at the front. But this was cut short as the party was interrupted by a bunch of xenos lunatics with such flair that I’m not sure I could top them. Kudos. 

Then the situation got even worse as some abominable xenos walkers that were possessed… somehow stormed in. It was a race to the artefacts. And we were not winning. Oriana raced ahead and managed to get there before the xenos clowns. But we were beset by the… host. A foul amalgam of xenos and human. Initially we were certain of genestealers but I guess the most terrifying is the unknown and we did not know what the hell that was. It was practically unkillable. Thankfully Rit knocked it back with a blast and we just unloaded our weapons into it. It stayed down long enough for us to get away.

So after running around in desperation as we were now adrift in a space station with two types of incredibly deadly xenos. In the end we contacted Gordon barely, set up a defensive position and waited. We had to hold out for 5 minutes. Anything is possible I guess?

The missile launcher.


Rit looked down open the missile launcher. A very good piece of equipment to had the only problem was that is fatal to much soo indeed and quite right for a anti vehicle weapon. but how to make a missile that can do both?

Due too Rits new "status" he didn't require sleep or food which left him with an extra amount of time. This pleased Rit greatly more time too create more weapons for his terrible arsenal. He looked over his notes about the warp stone he had gained these notes from his friend Kataina after her death. As the read he learnt that under the right amount of correctly applied force it would splinter or even atomize. Rit laugher grew louder as the silence of the room skittered away from the newest insane plot. He got to work quickly.

The missile stood tall on the bench before Rit its tip glowed mildly Rit grinned as he saw his plan created perfectly. The missile had to fire modes normal and air burst. One made an improved anti armor missile given to it by the new warhead or warp stone. The second was designed to explode above crowds or in tight spaces filling it with tiny sharp warp stone fragments and some small airborne practicals. All it took was flick of a switch between the too modes.

"Excellent" muttered Rit.      

The creeping death.

As the beautiful star light burned away from Port Wonder he couldn't help but feel disappointed the same way a painter would feel after selling a new painting. Lots of effort to make such a beautiful thing and no time to enjoy it. Although the terrible plague he brought to port wonder would do its dreadful work he wouldn't get too see its terrible work at play. But it would come slowly and purposely like a wolf approaching wounded prey. Rit found his sadness sliver away, Such grim enviability was truly a fitting end to any of the corpse emperor followers. A slow creeping death this is what Rit wanted for the imperium all he needed was time.

Rit fell too his knees as the ticking hit a crescendo his changed hands gripping his changed ears. Only Rits loud mad laughter echoed in the chamber as he tried to laugh over a sound he could only hear. Visions of failure assaulted Rits mind filling full of despair. The sound died away suddenly although Rit couldn't tell how long he was there for. "Im going to see the captain" Rit said too no one. Nobody listened nobody answered.     

Orianna's Super Secret Diary - 4
Research and Plans

So we left the station after sufficiently ruining it. Me and Icarus worked together (Dream-Team!) to kill the Bishop while the other three left to deal with the mechanicum and the water supply. All of that went off without a hitch, one of the psykers summoned a bunch of daemons apparently but it worked in our favour this time so whatever blah blah blah more importantly, Icarus really liked my presents! I was worried it wouldn't be up to what he's used to but he seemed to really enjoy himself, all the others seemed to behave themselves too which worked out. Oh speaking of, one of them agreed to come with us on the ship, got plans for her.

Anyway, we have long since arrived at Footfall, nice place, just as scummy but no one tries to hide it. Managed to get some good items here, not least of which includes a ritual kit, some Cursewine and a ritualistic dagger.

But I digress, we came here to drop off some books and resupply. In doing so we met two people of importance. The lesser of which being Maria Lockheart, Icarus' "ex", doesn't realise she was merely being used for Rit's gain but is still pissed for other reasons (one of which being the missing face), will need to deal with her before she endangers Icarus.

The other, of much greater importance, is Alistair Gordon; author, psyker, ritualist and heretic. He has given us a job on behalf of his master the Astral Devourer, well many jobs to be precise. He is also a great teacher and has given me many resources to further my knowledge and goals. Though during my last conversation with him he seemed… well angry isn't quite the word for it, but he certainly wasn't pleased, may have to be less open with him until I'm sure of his motives. A pity, I was just learning to trust him as a teacher.

I'm not sure why he suddenly became restless, according to Icarus' personal notes the two of them have made great strides together, Icarus has been going out of his way to help Gordon after all. Perhaps this just reflects his naivete though.

Whatever his motives, he is still helping me with my studies, and has even stated that becoming a Patron of Slaanesh would align with his interests as well. For whatever interest I'm not certain but in any case, I'm beginning to understand the basics in daemonic summoning and I now have this 'Psalm' to aid in the banishing of daemons.

Speaking of, the current daemon problem hasn't made any show of improving. But Icarus is now showing doubt, apparently he and Gordon had a discussion about the true motives of daemons and his trust in Fol'sht is at an all time low. Perhaps I can take this opportunity to convince the Captain that something needs to be done…

Therapy Session One
Gordon's and Harlockes

Having ingested the polymorhine I managed to prevent the bout of vomiting associated with its untrained use. Sabbanth tastes as bad as I’ve been led to believe he is. I was Unable to control the change though. My muscles distended and shifted to a level I’ve never had. I have a slight form, but this man is… well… not. I stood almost a foot taller and even more broad. Larger and more well defined than Bast, wilder hair and darker skin. I can see what Gordon saw in him. Although the eyes are not kind. Looking into my own eyes sent a chill down my spine.

I convinced the butler to go along with my plan and assured him I’m trying to help. I had hoped to talk and led Gordon to a conversation on the topic but went a lot further a lot faster than I expected as I was thrown from the room, through the door and into the wall. It would appear this larger body merely gives a larger surface area with which to feel pain. (Note to self). He went through the standard self-proclamations of strength and individuality. The very things I need him to believe.

Another corridor flown down he began ranting the names of the others that have been abused by. Including Ventium, the brother. I’m Slaaneshi and by my standards even some things are sacred and that is one of them. Into the ceiling I went. Then the ground. Repeatedly. Finally, I got through and he began to talk rather than attack. Thank Slaanesh, I fear I didn’t have that many ribs left to break.

So, we went to his study and talked through the day he learnt of Sabbanths cruelty. He told me of his family disowning him because of the bastard and that now he can’t even claim his revenge because of Asharak. He’s truly trapped. We sat together on a sofa and he reminisced of better days and cried and drank himself into a stupor. He went to sleep on my lap as I stroked his hair. I slept for about 2 hours before being roused by screaming. For 4 hours I tried to calm him and comfort him.

So, as he awoke I left. His demeanour I think is calmer. I think I’ve done good. Not sure how long it will take for him to feel the benefits.

Captain's log 1,582
Binding Contracts

We arrived on this Slaanesh Forsaken Asteroid Field but an Asteroid field in which we can resupply and do whatever we damn well please. Disembarking we saw the ship of Lockheart and the captain asking after Rob for his heretical tomes. I was immediately summoned to a council of rogue traders. Thankfully my vote counts two-fold. Upon arriving we had a difficult interaction with Lockheart who has quite the case of… half a face. What a looker she was.

Then the final rogue trader arrived. One Alastair Gordon, well under a guise. Firstly, he took me aside and we discussed the books and I showed him the shipment. He was pleased and, well personally I didn’t want to run this place, so I voted for him to be leader. Lockheart was not pleased. Thankfully Gordon kept her in check although it’s obvious she is going to try and kill me, at some point.

Then to business. We all went aboard his ship for a meeting. It was awkward at first seeing what boundaries were there amongst a cabal of heretics. But we found them, Folsh’t revealed his form and Rit got hosed down. I signed a contract with Gordons Liege. One Asharak the Astral Devourer, a Slaaneshi Greater Daemon claiming ownership of the Koronus Expanse. A conqueror of the Stars. Strange to see a Tzeentchian Savant bending the knee. To be expected of a Scion of the Prince of Pleasure.

The others all became enraptured by the library and disappeared. I asked of a way to improve Folsh’t. Make him stronger. I was given a tale of how Asharak came about by Gordons hands. Of great loyalty met with disappointment, betrayal and oppression. That’s not how this is meant to go. Here is a man who dedicated himself to the service of others and has been granted nought a thing in return other than never ending toil. A shame, in my crew he would have had the stars, instead he is a prisoner on his own ship.

I’ve heeded his warning and now see just how damn dangerous Folsh’t is to me. While I believe he is loyal to me, that is only temporary. My body will not survive ascension and in death he will claim my soul as well as my body. His existence beyond the sword reduces my likelihood of reaching the Palace as is MY DESTINY!! So now what do I do? He is a potent ally, but for how long? I can’t very well reforge his sword and to be honest this violin is infinitely better than the sword. I can’t see him in this. He needs to be kept in check but that’s not something I am well versed in.

Then we got our mission, collection of an artefact. Rob footfall and then take down Brachra Culis of the Golden Ship. Seems damn lucrative. Besides my priority is not claiming such things in my own name. Such base desires and goals are obviously a narcissist’s pastime rather than a dedication to Slaanesh above all else! Will still have to paint him, but it won’t be my best work.

I returned to ask Gordon more of his past and to what end I serve. He told me a great deal about Asharak and of the Harlocke Brothers, which I must say is revolting. Shipwide orgies are one thing but incest is just wrong. But between being navy men who can no longer return home. Slaaneshi Daemon weapons made whole and a devotion to chaos I can’t help but relate to him a great deal. I’ll have to try and help him.

Then came the drugs. I had to get a hold of polymorphine, there is a form of shock therapy that brings a mind through a traumatic experience but gives them a chance to change them at a more core level. Rather than having to rationalise their fears and concerns but believe that they have overcome them. These people have already realised they need to move on, but the shock is needed to help them get through it.

Orianna's Super Secret Diary - 3
Speaking for the first time!

I spoke to Icarus for the first time! Well, I mean, I've spoken to him before but this time he knew it was me! He looked really impressed by the mark too, I think he likes me!

Anyway, dressed up as a Sororates initiate to help the others fight the Witch hunter. I still think it wasn't a good idea for the Bishop to go as well, even if he went separately…. especially since he went separately actually. It all worked out pretty well though…. for the most part.

Getting to the Hunter was the hardest part really, getting through the streets after he and his cult filled it with traps and ambush points. I'm ashamed to say I fell for one of these, two children were playing with a ball and I figured the ball itself couldn't be trapped given how the children were kicking it, holding it shouldn't be an issue. The others saw through it but none of them figured to intervene or just tell me to stop.

So the ball exploded, apparently the explosive inside was trigger rather than a proximity or trip mine. Nearly scarred my hands permanently. The other traps and ambushes were fairly straight forward at least.

When the Hunter finally revealed himself he locked us in a warehouse with him before setting the entire building on fire. I had a few ideas to distract him but none worked, so I went for the straightforward route and just stabbed him. Then I realised just how hardy he was. You see, as my blade pierces someone's muscle it inflicts crippling pain and bleeding that can fell most men should they attempt to fight back, this one just seemed to ignore the pain altogether, as if he was never wounded at all. Nothing we seemed to throw at him seemed to do anything.

I should have done better. He passed out eventually but not before inflicting a terrible wound upon Icarus. I could barely carry him but I did my best. I broke a window and allowed him to fall upon my body to soften his fall. Banged my head but better me than him. The bikers arrived and took us back to the ship.

We're spending the next few weeks catching up on rest, Icarus seems fine now, though he seems more… intimate with Fol'sht than before. No not just intimate, dependent. What did that daemon do to him? According to his Diary, he's begun to feel pleasure from that thing's venom. On top of that, well I'm no Doctor, but I've befriended most people on this ship and I can see the signs of an addict from a mile off. I need to do something about this.


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